Article 1: the Nor-Feed Award

The Nor-Feed Award is an initiative of the company Nor-Feed, rewarding a veterinarian thesis (or a thesis of veterinary interest) dealing with the functional properties of characterized plants, plant extracts or plant-derived products and their applications in animal health and/or production.
The contest is open to young scientists from around the world and is endowed with a prize of € 5.000.

Article 2: the Jury

The Jury, composed of one Nor-Feed senior scientist and other independent academics, will award the prize in the summer 2017 according to the relevance of the thesis and the accurate characterization(s) of the plant(s) and its (their) properties. The laureate will be notified by email and will receive the practical details of the prize-giving ceremony. The Jury’s verdict will not be discussed. In addition, the Jury may award a second “special” prize if another thesis holds its attention. The results will be announced no later than three months after the closing date for submission of the thesis.

Article 3: procedure of selection

The thesis must have been defended by January the 1st, 2012 at the earliest. The candidate must be at maximum 35 years of age, within the year of application. Applicants of the previous edition of the Nor-Feed Award are allowed to apply if the subject of the new application is different from their last one.


Candidates should follow the following steps to apply:

1 – Present a summary of the thesis in English or French, using the following format:

  • 4 pages maximum on A4 paper format
  • 5.000 characters (maximum)
  • Font: Arial 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified paragraphs
  • Graphics or results presentation should not occupy more than one third of the summary

2 – Complete the application form hereafter and provide with all required elements. Applications must be sent (via email) to or via the following online application form, by the 31st of July, 2017 at the latest.

Download the registration form: Click Here!

  • Please save the registration form on your desk before filling it directly on the PDF
  • Do not forget to sign it and scan it before sending it.

To participate, you can send your dossier to: The archive may not exceed 2Mo.