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Norponin Opti : the benefits of saponin-containing plants and Yucca on animal health

Norponin Opti: the reference of saponin-containing product in the market, at a competitive price

  • Norponin Opti combines Yucca schidigera extracts and other saponin-containing plants and offers a composition and activity similar to these of Yucca

Product highlights

  • The result of a “reverse engineering” of Yucca, to replicate its composition & activity
  • All the benefits of Yucca (more than 150 published articles) without the cost
  • A standardized, consistent and well-characterized formula
  • A clear European regulatory status (premixture of additives)
  • May be used in organic farming

Mode of action

  • When compared to standardized Yucca, Norponin Opti delivers the same hemolytic capacity, surfactant activities and ammonia-binding capacity.