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Oxydative stress

Oxidative Stress

Nor-Feed Natural antioxidants against oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is caused by situations of stress of physiological (pathologies), environmental (livestock conditions) or nutritional origin.

Free radicals, the result of the respiratory process.

Free radicals are products from the respiratory process. They are highly reactive and can induce important oxidative damage in the organism, leading to an impairment of biological functions. A disruption of the oxidative balance induced by stress factors can lead to dramatic impacts on the performance and health of farm animals: lower Conversion Rate, degradation of the metabolism, etc.

Antioxidants are defense molecules used by the animal to fight against these reactive species.

They can be produced by the cell (GPx, SOD) or brought by the diet (vitamins E and C, polyphenols). Providing antioxidant in the diet is essential to compensate the oxidative stress and to improve performances, health and overall welfare.