Angers, 9th July 2019. New data from Turkey confirm the efficacy of Norponin®XO2, a feed additive developed and produced by Nor-Feed, especially if we compare it with synthetical treatments.

Norponin®XO2 is a natural additive formulated with saponins-containing plants. It contributes to manage the risk of coccidiosis, the main threat to the worldwide poultry industry, that represents a cost estimated at approximately 3 billion US$ per year.

A large-scale trial

The trial was carried out in Turkey on Cobb Broilers, from Day Old to the 45th day.
220 000 birds were divided in two groups.

  1. A positive group in which the chickens were treated with a combination of Narasin + Nicarbazin and then with Narasin only, until treatments withdrawal (from day 38 to day 45).
  2. A Norponin XO2 Group, that proposed a full program of nutritional supplementation.


Results show the additive efficacy:

In this trial, Norponin® XO2 brings better results than a combination Na/Ni or Na only. With these better zootechnical and economical results, Norponin®XO2 is an efficient alternative to a referent « shuttle program » based on synthetical coccidiostats.

About Norponin XO2 :

Norponin® XO2 is a natural feed additive formulated with plants and saponins-containing plant extracts. It contributes to manage the risk of coccidiosis. Norponin® XO2 is composed of plants and selected extracts rich in steroidal saponins.

It may be used in several species: poultry, rabbits, calves, sheep, goats and pigs.

About Nor-Feed

Since 2003, Nor-Feed invents, manufactures and markets natural plant extracts for animal nutrition and health. Nor-Feed is focused on a short product portfolio; our products are standardized, documented and efficient, with sustainable development principles. Nor-Feed provides its clients with technical, marketing and regulatory support.

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