Standardized dry grape extract, an ally for boosting bone health in pullets

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The importance of bone mineralization during

Pullets' growth

Bone mineralization in pullets is one of the keys to laying performance and well-being. Indeed, while maximum skeletal development takes place during the pullet’s growth, it is mainly focused on building structural bone. When sexual maturity is reached, the young hen begins to secrete much higher doses of estrogen, which directs osteoblast activity primarily towards the production of medullary bone for calcium buffering. Osteoclasts, on the other hand, do not differentiate between the different bone types, which can lead to problems of early osteoporosis during the laying phase in hens with poorly mineralized bones at sexual maturity.

The influence of redox imbalance on the cells responsible for the

Bone development

Many factors influence osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocytes, the group of cells responsible for bone construction and remodeling. These cells, like the rest of the organism, are subject to a context of cell signalling, which can be directed by various environmental factors. The redox balance of cells, which has been studied in particular for several decades now, is one of the most important levers for directing cell signalling. Recent studies have highlighted the potential role of redox imbalances in altering the proper functioning of bone construction. For example, the moderate immune response triggered by vaccination seems to disrupt the redox balance and impact bone development in pullets.

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The benefits of standardized grape polyphenols for correcting

Oxidative balance

Due to their high antioxidant capacity, grape polyphenols represent a potential lever for correcting the oxidative balance in order to regulate mineralization in future layers.

A trial was conducted on over 36,000 one-day-old pullets, to assess the effect of standardized dry grape extract supplementation (Nor-Grape®, Nor-Feed, 80% total polyphenols) during the rearing phase on pullet bone health and immune response. In this trial, results showed that dry matter and mineral levels were significantly higher in the bones of hens supplemented with Nor-Grape®. This translated into higher levels of calcium in the bones. In addition, bone strength was greater, and autopsies showed that the supplemented pullets showed less deformation of the wishbone.

Further information on this trial is available on request.