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Discover Nor-Feed’s breeding solutions, a liquid range designed to optimize animal performance and well-being while respecting the environment.

Based near Angers (49), in the heart of the medicinal plant production area, and close to the plant research cluster, Nor-Feed selects plant extracts to respond to animal husbandry problems.

Our products are FAMIqs-certified and suitable for use in organic farming, Nor-Feed upholds the highest standards.

Adopt our sustainable solutions with visible effects on livestock.

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Feed Efficiency

Care Boost : Improves feed efficiency for animals

  • Citrus extract and mix of organic acids, 
  • Stimulates lactobacillus growth,
  • Improves animal growth


Animal Welfare

Care Zen : Calm animals naturally

  • Contributes to animal welfare,
  • Specific extract of Melissa Officinalis.

Care Mite : Contributes to the control of red mites and fly populations

  • Aromatic repellent through drinking water,
  • Brings aromatic compounds

Care Aerial : Supports animals through the changing seasons

  • Concentrated formula.

Care Mifuge : Supports animals through breeding critical periods

  • Contains extracted terpenes,
  • Natural solution,
  • Easy to use.
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Digestive Sphere

Care Start : Stimulates the growth of lactic flora

  • Participates in demedication management
  • Recommended during the 1st weeks of life.


Care Tan : Stimulates the growth of lactic flora

  • Recommended for post-weaning piglets and turkeys over 30 days of age.



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