Natural additives for efficient aquaculture farming

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A steadily growing sector

Aquaculture is the fastest developing animal production worldwide. This growth is driven by an increasing demand for nutritious proteins and for healthy fatty acid sources. And for some years now, aquaculture production has been exceeding that of fishing (FAO, 2018).

A development facing

Major issues

This development comes with challenges linked to environmental sustainability, animal welfare and the necessary profitability of this domesticated production.

Feed utilization is critical to ensure health and growth of fish and to reduce environmental impact. In fact, aquaculture has a direct impact on farms’ environment as release ammonia and feces in the surrounding water. To address this issue, Nor-Feed has developed efficient and 100% natural additives for aquaculture species.

  • Norponin® Opti is designed to contribute to control and reduce ammonia
  • Nor-Spice AB® improves the feed efficacy and animal’s growth

Animal welfare is an everyday concern for fish farmers, as any stress situation affect health and performances. It is also a growing concern for consumers and food distributors.

  • Durelax® is an efficient solution to calm animals naturally
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Precise nutrition is vital for

Fish health

Oxidative stress is a phenomenon caused by an imbalance in the oxidative balance in favor of free radicals. It can deteriorate growth and reproductive performance, flesh quality and immune defenses of fish and shrimp

Some saponin plants have the ability to destroy protozoan parasites of fish and shrimp. A carefully chosen saponin supplementation allows to limit economic losses due to these parasites

The Nor-Feed range includes different solutions that can be used in its perspectives:

  • Nor-Grape® 80 a unique solution to potentiate antioxidant defenses
  • Norponin®XO a selected combination to provide extracted saponins


Our natural additives for


Nor-Grape® 80

Compensate oxidative stress

Nor-Spice AB®

Improves feed efficiency and growth

Norponin® XO

Contributes to coccidial risk management

Norponin® Opti

Contributes to reduce ammonia emissions


Calm animals naturally