Natural additives for efficient cattle breeding

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Major issues in

Dairy and beef production

Like other animal productions, the quest for high performance, especially in high-performance dairy ruminants, requires a ration with a high energy and protein density. 


The energy deficit of

Dairy cows in early lactation

There are several critical phases, in particular the beginning of lactation, when the female dairy has an energy deficit due to an insufficient intake. A sufficient intake during this critical period guarantees a good lactation curve and good fertility; in fact, fertility is directly linked to a positive energy balance. During this period, there is a risk of specific pathologies such as ketosis and mastitis. The health of the animals, which is more fragile during this period, requires an effective prevention strategy, in which plant-based active ingredients have their rightful place.

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The fragility of

Young ruminants at birth

Ruminant fertility is low compared to other livestock species and young ruminants are fragile at birth. Successful rearing of young ruminants is crucial whether they are breastfed or fed with a milk replacer. Colostrum quality, vaccination programs and good weaning management are key elements to success.

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A polluting and toxic gas

Ammonia emissions

Ruminants are able to digest plant cellulose, while monogastric animals cannot do, allowing them to get the most from feed. This fermentative digestive capacity is also a source of greenhouse gases such as methane (cattle breeding, in particular, is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions according to the FAO). One of the challenges for ruminant breeding is to increase herds’ feed efficiency. This translates into better yields, fewer emissions into the atmosphere and a beneficial impact on the environment. Ruminants ‘breeding is also essential for the good maintenance of rangelands, mountain pastures and natural meadows.

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Nutrition to face

Challenges in ruminants production

Nor-Feed’s solutions, which include specific additives for ruminants and dairy cows, target improving feed efficiency and other goals, especially regarding health:  

  • Compensate oxidative stress
  • Improve product quality
  • Contribute to coccidial risk management
  • Improve feed palatability
  • Calm animals naturally


Our additives for


Norponin® Cotyl

Improve feed palatability

Nor-Grape® 80

Compensate oxidative stress

Nor-Spice AB®

Improves feed efficiency and growth

Nor-Grape® BP-O

Compensates oxidative stress

Norponin® Opti

Contributes to reduce ammonia emissions


Calm animals naturally

Citronin® XO

Contributes to coccidial risk management and growth