Natural additives for efficient poultry breeding

Facing the challenges in

Poultry breeding

To help to increase performance, enhance animal health, reduce environmental impact and improve animal welfare, Nor-Feed offers a wide range of natural and standardized solutions for the poultry sector.

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Stress in


Several factors can cause stress in poultry leading to reduced performances and well-being, picking behaviour and mortality. Among these factors, management problems, feed quality, ectoparasites, hot climate (heat stress), birds’ transfer and regrouping and individual vaccination are the most common ones. Durelax® helps to calm the birds in a natural way during these stressful situations.

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The risk of


Mainly related to poultry, coccidiosis is caused by the contagious intestinal parasite Eimeria and can lead to severe economic losses through increased feed conversion, poorer growth and higher mortality. Norponin® XO / Citronin® XO are based on plants rich in saponins and citrus extract (Citronin XO) and contribute to the management of the coccidial risk. 

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Ammonia emissions

In poultry houses

Ammonia gas is produced by the decomposition of uric acid through litter bacteria in poultry houses. It can seriously affect the health of the birds. High levels can lead to irritation of the respiratory tract with an increased susceptibility to bacterial respiratory infections, irritations of eyes, reduced performances… In the EU a maximum level is set to 20 ppm. The saponin based product Norponin® Opti, contributes to control/reduce the ammonia gas level in poultry houses.

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The risk of

Oxidative stress

Over the last decades, poultry production became more and more efficient in terms of egg production, protein deposition and feed conversion ratio. Metabolic body processes increased and as a consequence more free radicals are produced increasing the risk of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress results in decreased meat and egg quality, suppression of the immune system, poorer pigmentation… The grape polyphenols contained in Nor-Grape® can prevent the negative impact of oxidative stress.

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A healthy gut to boost

Feed efficiency

A healthy gut is essential to ensure the birds’ best performances. When compromised by poor feed quality, bad management, adverse environmental conditions or insufficient biosecurity, digestion and nutrient absorption will be affected. That’s why it is important to build up a healthy gut in young birds to make them more resistant to digestive troubles. Nor-Spice AB® standardized citrus extract stimulates the growth of lactobacilli in the intestine and improves animal growth

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Our natural additives for


Norponin® Cotyl

Improve feed palatability

Nor-Grape® 80

Compensate oxidative stress

Nor-Spice AB®

Improves feed efficiency and growth

Norponin® XO

Contributes to coccidial risk management

Norponin® Opti

Contributes to reduce ammonia emissions


Contributes to the control of red mite populations


Calm animals naturally

Citronin® XO

Contributes to coccidial risk management and growth