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Nor Grape 80 : an antioxidant solution for animals health

Improves the antioxidant status

  • Nor-Grape 80 is a standardized grape extract rich in polyphenols (very potent natural antioxidants)
  • Nor-Grape 80 contributes to improving growth performances in all the species (chickens, pigs, fish…)

Product Highlights

  • First botanical additive to be authorized in the 2b category by the European Commission
  • Can be used in organic farming
  • Improves meat quality

Mode of action

  • Protects cell components (pigments & membranes) against oxidation: Antioxidants are stable molecules that neutralize free radicals
  • Acts in synergy with other antioxidants: Nor-Grape 80 polyphenols regenerate the effect of vitamin E