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Nor-Feed expertise in natural pet supplements

Petfood knows no crisis

The petfood world market (€ 54 billion in 2013, according to Euromonitor) shows a strong dynamism and a regular premiumisation of its offer. Petfood is the ideal innovative market and benefits from the increasing “humanization” of our relationships with domestic animals, a global phenomenon.

Health, a new argument

Pet owners are more and more concerned about the health of their animals. They pay more attention to the composition and nutritional benefits of their feed. Consequently, petfood is more and more segmented according to its benefits but also according to the animal race, age, weight, etc.

Nor-Feed’s pet supplements aim to:

  • Control odors and gas: Norponin Opti; thanks to the saponin benefits for pet animals
  • Promote the microbiota balance: Nor-Spice AB; a citrus extract based additive for pets
  • Calm the animal naturally: Durelax

– Vitagor.fr
– Euromonitor Market Research