Use of selected polyphenols to improve fish reproductive performance


The rising challenges in modern

Aquaculture industry

In the modern aquaculture industry, rapid advancements in nutrition and genetic selection have significantly improved the growth rates of aquatic species. However, this increase in metabolic rates leads to a proportional rise in harmful radical species production, resulting in oxidative stress that negatively impacts performance, immunity, and meat quality in fish.

The benefits of polyphenols

Potent antioxidants

Antioxidants play a crucial role in neutralizing free radicals. Among the various antioxidant defenses, polyphenols stand out due to their potent bioactive properties. Particularly, flavonoids, a subfamily of polyphenols, have been shown to potentiate the activity of vitamin C and offer significant antioxidant benefits. Grape extracts, rich in polyphenols, are of particular interest for their ability to regenerate vitamins E and C, boost endogenous antioxidant production, and directly neutralize free radicals.

Nor-Grape 80®, a standardized grape extract, provides a consistent and optimized profile of flavonoids, ensuring optimal bioavailability and activity. Reproduction in fish involves intense metabolic activity, which increases oxidative stress. High levels of oxidative stress during gamete production can lead to decreased fertility and developmental abnormalities in offspring.

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The proven benefits of Nor-Grape-80's selected

Grape Polyphenols

Recent trials on rainbow trout broodstock using Nor-Grape 80® demonstrated that supplementation improved reproductive outcomes and enhanced the performance of the next generation. Specifically, the trials showed larger egg sizes, higher embryonic survival rates, and faster growth rates in fry. 

These findings underscore the importance of targeted nutritional interventions in broodstock to reduce reproductive bottlenecks and enhance fry quality and prolificacy in aquatic species. The use of Nor-Grape 80® not only benefits the current generation of breeders but also ensures better performance in their offspring, making it a valuable addition to aquaculture practices. 

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