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The most consumed meat in the world

The world consumption of pigs’ meat reached 100 million T carcass weight equivalent in 2009. In the 27 countries European Union, this figure reaches 20 million T carcass weight equivalent and is led by Germany. Worldwide, China, the European Union and USA consume 80% of the pork production. According to surveys, China will represent half of the world demand in 2020 (52 million T).
The pork production has a short cycle and a good zootechnical efficiency. That’s why this production develops so fast, just as the poultry’s.  The 3 main regions of pork production correspond to the 3 main consumption basins: North America, Europe and Asia. In 2009, the world pork population represented 786 millions of individuals (153 million in Europe and 15 in France).

The major health concerns

Pork livestock are exposed to a lot of infectious pathologies: foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, pseudorabies. Nevertheless, the digestive diseases remain a major concern today. Veterinarians and nutritionists pay particular attention to:

  • The microbiota balance in piglets and around the peripartum period in swine: Nor-Spice AB
  • Stabilize the physiological digestion: Nor-Gutan
  • Manage the microbiota during fattening: NSOAB9
  • Improve palatability: Yuquina Cotyl

Furthermore, stress situations, whether physiological or behavioral (often due to transport) are also recurrent in pigs and can reduce their resistance to viral infections. Our solutions :

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