A seminar dedicated to coccidial risk management in China

The Nor-Feed team travelling through China to talk about

Coccidial risk in the poultry industry

During 10 days, a Nor-Feed delegation represented by Marie-Sophie SCHNEEGANS, Product Manager, and Weishan WANG, Sales Area Manager, supported by Dr. Pavel MELNIKOV, MVService, traveled through China as part of a join event with Adisseo and Shanghai Muqi to discuss about coccidial risk management in broiler chicken production. 

The goal of the seminar was to exchange about coccidial risk management means, such as biosecurity or diagnosis, in the poultry industry and the interest of Norponin® XO, our natural solution that contributes to the management of coccidial risk. 

Our natural solution to contribute to coccidial risk management

Norponin® XO

Norponin® XO is a natural solution based on plants rich in saponins that contributes to the management of coccidial risk in multiple species. 

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