Nor-Feed at IPPE 2024: Coccidiosis focus

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Sharing our latest news and trial results about our


For the 4th consecutive year, Nor-Feed was present with its own booth at the International Production and Processing Expo, in Atlanta, United-States. Our team of experts was there to share our latest news and trial data about our natural solutions for animal nutrition and health. Among our colleagues from the sales, production and marketing department, we had our R&D experts Dr. Paul Engler, PhD and Dr. Amine Benarbia, PhD to discuss about pigmentation and coccidial risk in poultry production.

Focus on: saponins to contribute to

Coccidial risk management

Nor-Feed took the opportunity of IPPE to organize a seminar dedicated to coccidial risk management with the participation of independent experts.

Dr. Lisa Bielke from NC State University started the discussion by explaining how coccidiosis became a major challenge in modern poultry barn: increased bird sensitivity and development of Eimeria resistance. She concluded on the importance of establishing a holistic plan based on prevention.

Dr. Dan Moore from Colorado Quality Research, showed different ways to evaluate the efficacy of coccidiostats. He highlighted the importance of running representative in vivo tests to be as close as possible to farm conditions.

Dr. Amine BENARBIA, PhD from Nor-Feed illustrated the potential of a well selected saponin based solution. A proper selection of characterized saponins is an efficient tool to protect animal performance from coccidial risk.

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