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The fastest growing animal industry

Poultry meat production and consumption is the fastest growing in the world, mainly because it is cheap and healthy. Poultry production, mainly driven by the American and Asian continents, was thus multiplied by 12 between 1961 and 2011. The development of poultry products is also the results of lower investment requirements compared to other species… and by the absence of religious prohibitions. In 2013, according to the FAO, poultry represents 80% of the world’s livestock.

Health & Nutrition: a major concern

Whether viral, bacterial or parasitic, the pathologies associated with poultry are numerous and are impacted by all the parameters of breeding: feed, hygiene of the building, transport, livestock staff…

Nor-Feed solutions:

  • Stimulates the growth of lactic acid bacteria: Nor-Spice AB
  • Compensates for the oxidative stress: Nor-Grape 80
  • Calms animals naturally: Durelax
  • Contributes to the coccidial risk management: Norponin XO
  • Contributes to the control of red mites populations: Nor-Mite

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