An accurate, cost-effective and simple colorimetric method for the quantification of saponins

Maxime Le Bot, FeedInTech Analysis Specialist, has recently written an article published in Food Chemistry, a recognized scientific peer-review journal, with the collaboration of the SONAS laboratory and the FeedInTech joint-lab, about an accurate, cost-effective, and simple colorimetric method to quantify saponins from plant materials.

What are


Saponins are a family of molecules found throughout the plant kingdom. Saponins have different interesting properties for animal health and productivity, such as anti-protozoal capacity or limitation of metabolic waste excretion. There are two main families of saponins; the steroidal saponins and the triterpenoid saponins, which are the most abundant in plants. In order to ensure the quality of the extracts and raw materials, it is necessary to develop rapid and accurate analytical methods. Because structural diversity exists within these two groups of saponins, a method to assay both triterpenoid and steroidal saponins would be a major advantage to quantifying these compounds.

An accurate, cost-effective, and simple method to

Quantify total saponins

Existing saponins quantification methods are compared through this article. In this study, Maxime Le Bot introduces a new, simple, fast, and inexpensive spectrophotometric method for the total quantification of saponins in plant samples.

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