Durelax Liquid, an effective tool in aquaculture!

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Promising trial results from our partner Montana Chile on


Recent trials conducted in Chile by our partner, Montana Chile, focusing on Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon, and rainbow trout, have yielded promising results.

Durelax liquid, used at 250ml/m3 in water, reduces fish stress. Notably, during transport via truck and well-boat, salmonids exhibited lower cortisol levels, indicating reduced stress. This reduction in stress during transport has the potential to decrease mortality rates and promote better post-transport recovery. For instance, the mortality rate during the transportation of smolts to sea cages was nearly halved (-35%).

Calming fish naturally has also its point around


Durelax is not an anesthetic, as it does not make the fish “sleep”, but it effectively calms animals naturally. Its application in salmon vaccination procedures has shown that the dose of conventional anesthetics such as eugenol can be reduced by more than half, while allowing faster recovery after. Durelax presents no danger to fish or the environment and carries no risk even if overdosed (up to 4 times the recommended dose). The onset of DurelaxLiquid’s effects on fish is rapid, typically observed within approximately 30 minutes after application.

In summary, Durelax calms animals naturally. The solution is recommended during handling, vaccination, sampling, and transportation in fish.

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Our 100% natural solution to calm animals naturally


An effective alternative to calm animals naturally is Durelax®, based on Melissa officinalis, which has recognized pharmaceutical virtues since Antiquity. This plant contributes to calm animals naturally and reduces the consequences caused by stressImproving animal welfare is a key factor for the full expression of growth potential.