Effects of Nor-Grape® supplementation in late gestating sows in a hot climate

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Detrimental effects of heat stress in


Heat stress has detrimental effects in livestock. Excessive thermal stress around parturition can have detrimental effects on reproduction success and litter growth in swine.

Antioxidants are commonly used in various species to limit oxidative stress caused by excess environmental heat. Grape polyphenols have been extensively studied for the last decades for their powerful antioxidant properties and have shown valuable benefits in mitigating oxidative stress in various species. The aim of the present trial was to evaluate the effect of a low dose of a standardized dry grape extract (Nor-Grape®) in late gestation and lactation in sows raised in a hot climate.

Evaluating the efficiency of Nor-Grape® supplementation in sows under

Heat stress

72 LWLR sows were randomly divided in 2 groups (36/group) of equal parity ranks, a control group (CTL) and a supplemented group receiving an added 20ppm of Nor-Grape 80®, for the end of gestation (D84-farrow) and the whole lactation (21D) on top of the CTL diet. Litter size, farrowing time, average birth weight and average weaned weight were recorded.

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Nor-Grape® supplementation shows better performances around

Sow farrowing

The inclusion of Nor-Grape® in sows diet under hot climate conditions allows to improve the number of piglets at birth and their birth weight, piglets weight at weaning and to reduce farrowing time. More research is needed to better understand the full extent of benefits from such a solution.

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