Fine Characterization of a Standardized Citrus Extract


Not all plant extracts have the same efficiency in

Animal Nutrition

Plant extracts such as citrus extracts have more and more interest in animal nutrition, for example as growth performances enhancer. However, their effects on animals’ growth performances vary, depending on the product that is used. A possible explanation of these variation may be the composition. The lack of composition data of plant extracts makes the understanding of their mechanisms of action unclear. Therefore, the characterization of plant extracts needs to be done in order to know more about their composition.

At Nor-Feed, we carefully characterize plant extracts as it is a keystone to provide efficient and reliable solutions. Indeed, it allows to know precisely the molecular composition and enables then to standardize our botanical solutions in the right active compounds.

Identifying major compounds of a standardized citrus extract

through Characterization

Apolar and polar compounds of a standardized natural citrus extract were characterized by GC-MS and LC-MS (dereplication) respectively. This characterization allowed to identify pectic oligosaccharides as major compounds as well as 30 secondary metabolites,. Moreover, no variation has been observed in the composition and the concentration of the standardized natural citrus extract (Nor-Spice AB®) active compounds from several different batches manufactured over 2 years. The present characterization revealed the characterization of Nor-Spice AB®.

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Our natural citrus extract to improve feed efficiency

Nor-Spice AB®

Nor-Spice AB® is a premixture of feed additives formulated from natural lemon extracts to stimulate the growth of lactic acid bacteria.


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Nor-Spice AB®

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