Nor-Spice AB® improves piglets’ performances when supplemented in sows

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The impact of gut health on


Sow’s performances depend on many parameters such as gut health: microbiota balance and gut integrity. The intestinal microbiota refers to the microorganisms (including 70-80% of bacteria) that are living in the gastrointestinal tract. It is considered as an organ itself and recent studies show that a balanced microbiota is essential to the proper functioning of mammals’ organism, especially in terms of growth, digestion and immunity. A balanced sow microbiota guarantees an optimal digestion and improves immunity. It is reflected in better zootechnical performances (better reproduction, improved milk production). In practice, breeding sows are regularly subject to stress episodes (gestation, farrowing and lactation), even under good livestock conditions. This stress is likely to cause a disbalance of the microbiota or «dysbiosis».

Managing the microbiota through sow

Feed formulation

The sow feed formulation aims at increasing the ration energy in order to anticipate the metabolic change due to farrowing and lactation (Farmer, Palin, and Martel-Kennes 2014). Consequently, particular attention should be given to the microbiota management in the sow feed formulation. This is why stimulating beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus) growth with selected nutritional additives helps sows and piglets to pass through these critical phases (late gestation, farrowing and early lactation). It also helps to improve the piglets’ well-being and weight gain. The interest of a standardized citrus extract (Nor-Spice AB®) on sow’s microbiota and piglet’s performances has been demonstrated when supplemented at 2500 ppm during the last 10 days of gestation (Cisse et al., 2020).

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Our natural citrus extract to improve feed efficiency

Nor-Spice AB®

Nor-Spice AB® is a premixture of feed additives formulated from natural lemon extracts to stimulate the growth of lactic acid bacteria.


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Nor-Spice AB®

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