Nor-Mite®: In-feed repellent to contribute to the control of red mite populations in poultry breeding

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Resistant and invading parasites:

Red Mites

Red mites are ectoparasites that live at the expense of laying hens. Their presence in laying farms has deleterious economic and health consequences. Their short life cycle and ability to survive without eating enable poultry red mites to proliferate, which makes them particularly difficult to remove from farms

Resistance and short life cycle

The red mite’s life cycle is divided into 5 stages (see diagram) leading to adulthood in just seven days, under optimal conditions (a temperature of 25°C and a 70% humidity). In comparison, the mosquito becomes an adult after one month and a tick after one year. First, the red mite egg becomes larva, then protonymph («Nymph 1»), then deutonymph («Nymph 2»), and finally it reaches the adult stage. Only the last three stages of the life cycle require a blood meal to reach the next phase. Adult female red mites also need just one blood meal to lay eggs while adult males occasionally feed from blood. During the other life stages (nymph) red mites can survive almost nine months without feeding. The acari is also able to support high temperature variations.

Speed of reproduction

Although the fertility of red mites is lower than other ectoparasites, a female can produce up to eight egg-laying cycles. Each cycle is able to produce between 1 to 8 eggs, with an average of 23 eggs in their lifetime.

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Proven efficacy

Field trial results

A trial was conducted in a Spanish commercial farm on 60.000 laying hens during 15 days. The average temperature inside the commercial farm was 24.7°C, and the maximum relative humidity was 60.5%. 

Nor-Mite® was included in the laying hens’ diet at 750 ppm during 15 days. The red mites inside the laying farm were counted at the begining of the trial (D0) and at the end of the trial (D15)

In ideal conditions of temperature (25°C) and humidity (70%), the population of red mite would have reached the theoretical number of 80.000 adults per trap after about 15 days. With the use of Nor-Mite®, the initial population (2.317 red mites) remained almost the same after 15 days.

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Our natural solution to contribute to the control of poultry red mite populations


Nor-Mite® is a feed additive with natural aromatic compounds developed by Nor-Feed for poultry farms.