Supplementing heifers with a rumen-protected dry grape extract to increase vaccination success

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Vaccination is an important mainstay of biosecurity and disease prevention in livestock farming. Vaccination failures represent an economic burden for the farmer. Polyphenol supplementation, is a great source of antioxidants for animals and could help reduce oxidative damage and improve the success of vaccination. For this reason, through a field trial, we evaluated the effect of a rumen-protected grape extract supplementation around vaccination on the immune response in young ruminants.

Supplementing heifers with a dry grape extract around


The trial was conducted on 22 heifers (aged from 6 to 8 months) from the same farm. These were divided into 2 group:

· BP-O group: Rumen-protected dry grape extract supplementation, Nor-Grape® BP-O

· Control group: No supplementation

Results show that the heifers from the BP-O group tended to have a greater overall antibody response to BRSV and PI-3 V. A greater total antioxidant capacity was also observed in the supplemented group.

Thus, since supplemented animals became seropositive faster and long-term immunity appeared to be improved, this supplementation strategy could be of interest to enhance the immune response during a vaccination episode by reducing oxidative stress.

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