Natural alternatives for coccidial risk management, an expanding market

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The growing need of natural alternatives to


In recent decades, the performances in poultry productions have considerably improved, thanks to major advances in genetics, feed and breeding parameters.

This considerable productivity gain has unfortunately not solved the issue of coccidiosis, a frequent disease with an estimated annual cost of 3 billion dollars globally. Still widely used to manage coccidiosis, synthetic coccidiostats and ionophores remain reference solutions. However, the trend is to reduce the use of synthetic solutions in poultry production, even if it is uneven from one country to another. 

Every year, new bans are observed, whether in the specifications of an integration or at governmental level. Dictated by societal pressure, this transformation has already largely taken place in the United States, today some of the largest integrations claim «100% of antibiotic-free broiler chickens”. Europe and Asia are experiencing a similar evolution, as we can also observe the development of vaccination, on breeders and on slow-growing strains.

Standardized botanical extracts to

Manage coccidial risk

A   dynamic trend   takes   place   for   natural alternatives, used as substitutes in programs, or as stand-alone solutions in a rotation. Botanical solutions can be a good alternative to traditional  treatment. However, there is a large variability among these natural alternative solutions. It is therefore essential that producers ask for all guarantees from suppliers to ensure that such a transition is conducted safely. This requires standardized products with a proven efficacy over time and on a large scale. This major zootechnical development for the poultry industry is a response to demand. These new alternatives also offer technical and/or economic advantages.

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Our 100% natural solution to contribute to coccidial risk management

Norponin® XO

Norponin® XO is a natural solution based on plants rich in saponins that contributes to the management of coccidial risk in multiple species. 


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Norponin® XO

Contributes to coccidial risk management

Citronin® XO

Contributes to coccidial risk management and growth