Coccidiosis management Seminar in Tbilisi


Nor-Feed in Tbilisi:

Coccidiosis management seminar

On November 28th the Nor-Feed team organized in Georgia a seminar dedicated to the coccidiosis management program, with the support of local partners.
42 participants from 9 countries took part in this event: Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, France, Germany and, of course, Georgia!
Despite the international difficulties, we are glad to have had a successful and dynamic seminar with discussions both on the field and out.

Leaded by Dr. Pavel Melnikov, the week started with a visit in a large local farm using Norponin XO2 “only” and without any coccidiostats for more than a year. The autopsy performed by Dr. Melnikov showed a clean intestine of broilers at day 21, confirming the efficacy of Norponin XO to manage coccidiosis even after several batches.

The event was also a good opportunity to connect producers,veterinarians, professors and suppliers together, leading to various discussions and insights during the 3 days in Tbilisi.

We have no doubt that the conference seminar raised the interest of everyone to better manage coccidiosis in an efficient and more sustainable way.

Finally, the gathering was completed with team building moments, where we adventured ourselves with our partners to discover the traditional and rich culture of Georgia.

A special thank you from our team to all participants that took the time to share with us their knowledge!

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