The Citrozest® range

The Citrozest® range is based on citrus extracts properties to improve the digestive efficiency of monogastrics. Combined with good biosecurity practices and a qualitative feed, these products can be used to improve growth and feed efficiency, in a global approach to demedication.

The citrus extracts used are characterized for their content of active ingredients such as Oligo-Saccharide-Pectic (POS), Citroflavonoids and carboxylic acids. The precise characterization of our products ensures consistent quality and efficiency over time.

The benefits of Citrozest® for animal health

The selected extracts favorably orient the digestive microbiota, in particular by stimulating lactobacilli. The animal nutrition additives of the Citrozest range contribute to the health of the digestive tract and are part of a global approach to reducing antibiotics.

The range has two major products, 100% natural and usable in organic farming:

  • Nor-Spice AB® improves digestive efficiency and animal growth.
  • NSOAB9, to balance microbiota and contribute to the prevention of ileitis from pork butcher.


Nor-Spice AB

Nor-Spice AB