Norponin®: Nor-Feed’s saponins expertise

Saponins are a family of molecules found throughout the plant kingdom. In addition to their ability to create foam (like soap, hence their name), saponins improve the functioning of animals’ digestive tracts.

Saponins’ benefits are numerous: they mainly act on the physiological parameters of digestion. Some saponins, for example, facilitate the functioning of the liver and pancreas, thus improving the well-being of the animal and therefore its ability to feed.

Other saponins are particularly well-known for their capacity to limit the production and the excretion of metabolic waste (NH3, NH4, H2S, CH4 …), thus limiting the environmental impact of farms, and the health conditions of the animals and farmers.

Eventually, saponins have an anti-protozoal capacity, which makes it an effective tool to fight against parasites such as coccidia, responsible for many diseases and reduced performances in farms all over the world.

There is a great diversity of plants producing saponins but also a great diversity of saponins within the same plant. The knowledge of the benefits of each plant rich in saponins is therefore essential for their use in animal nutrition. This is where the expertise of Nor-Feed comes into action, offering extracts, mixtures of plants and plant extracts rich in saponins specifically selected for their effectiveness through targeted uses (Norponin®).