Norponin® XO: as efficient as coccidiostats to maintain broilers’ zootechnical performances under coccidial risk

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The negative effects of coccidiosis on

Gut Health

Health in general and gut health more specifically, are important pillars of animal welfare. Gut health can be negatively affected in broiler chickens by coccidiosis. To limit the effect of this disease, coccidiostats have been used with success for decades. However, resistance is a side effect of their intensive use. Moreover, consumers’ demand for an antibiotic-free animal products is increasing. Thus, a natural and efficient tool to support modern poultry producers to fulfill the productivity needs along with market demand is more than needed. Saponin-rich plants like Yucca schidigera and Trigonella foenum-graecum are promising tools.

Different evaluation methods were applied to assess the efficacy of the saponin-rich plant-based solution Norponin® XO to contribute to coccidial risk management.

Two experimentations to assess the efficacy of

Norponin® XO

From 2016 to 2021, 2 types of experimental design were applied. The first one consisted of experimental infestations within research facilities. In this experimental design, 4 groups of birds were studied: infested-untreated control (IUC), untreated-uninfested control (UUC), infested-coccidiostats treated (positive control group), and infested-Norponin® XO treated (NPXO). The second experimental design was used in commercial farms with 2 groups, one with “conventional” coccidiosis management tools and one supplemented with Norponin® XO. In both designs, production performance parameters were monitored and gut health was assessed using the Johnson and Reid methodology to score intestinal lesion score (ILS) related to coccidiosis infestation.

Results from the first experiment showed that both coccidiostats and Norponin® XO supplementation were able to reduce Eimeria spp. infestation-related ILS and maintain zootechnical performance. In the second experiment, in addition to the fact that Norponin® XO supplementation was as efficient as conventional tools, Norponin® XO birds displayed higher livability. These results suggest that Norponin® XO supplementation is a reliable tool to contribute to coccidial risk management.

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Natural solution for contributing to coccidial risk management

Norponin® XO

Norponin® XO is a natural solution based on plants rich in saponins that contributes to the management of coccidial risk in multiple species. 


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