Norponin® XO as efficient as fermentation coccidiostats for contributing to coccidial risk management

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A major challenge for poultry productions:


Coccidiosis is a major challenge for poultry industry. Traditional coccidiostats and chemical treatment efficacy can be altered by resistance, so new solutions are needed. Natural solutions based on extracted and selected saponins are good candidates to better protect birds from coccidiosis.

After years of careful studies, Nor-Feed developed a saponin-based solution to contribute to coccidial risk management. The study below illustrate the interest of this solution.

A large-scale conviction trial to prove the efficacy of:

Norponin® XO

For this conviction trial conducted in South Africa, 12 houses with a capacity of 28,000 chickens each were selected (336, 000 birds in total) and divided into 2 groups. 6 houses received feed supplemented with conventional coccidiosis management solution based on Semduramicin (15 ppm) and Nicarbazin (40 ppm) the “Sed-Ni” group. The other 6 houses were fed the same feed but supplemented by 250 ppm Norponin® XO instead of a conventional coccidiosis management solution, Norponin® XO group. Birds were reared for 30 days. Performance parameters (Live weight, ADG, FCR and mortality) were measured and the economic impact of the use of Norponin® XO was also evaluated

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Zootechnical performance measurement

Trial result

These new results obtained by this important South-African actor in poultry production confirm those already obtained in other regions of the world. They attest to the agile aspect of the Norponin® XO solution and its adaptability to different production contexts. Above all, these results show that since supplementation with Norponin® XO is as effective as fermentation coccidiostats, supplementation with Norponin® XO contribute to coccidial risk management in poultry production. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Natural solution for contributing to coccidial risk management

Norponin® XO

Norponin® XO is a natural solution based on plants rich in saponins that contributes to the management of coccidial risk in multiple species. 


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