Saponin-Rich Plant Premixture Supplementation is As Efficient as Ionophore Monensin

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A new peer-review article on the interest of

Selected saponins for coccidiosis

Nor-Feed, as a leading specialist of botanicals for animal nutrition, is glad to share a new peer-review article on the interest of selected saponins for coccidiosis, published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary science. In the plant kingdom, there are more than 10 000 saponins with a huge diversity, and a few selected are efficient solutions for coccidiosis management.

Effects of supplementing broiler chickens with

Norponin® XO

This study assessed the effects of supplementing broiler chickens with a commercial blend of specific saponins-rich plants (Norponin® XO) under an experimental Eimeria challenge and compared their effects to monensin supplementation. Experimental infestation reduced in a significant way the final body weight in infested broilers compared to noninfested broilers. This loss was numerically compensated by specific saponins-rich plants (Norponin® XO) and Monensin.

As expected, intestinal lesions were almost absent in the noninfested group. However, broilers from the infested group showed a higher intestinal lesion occurrence. Supplementations with Monensin and Norponin® XO were able to reduce intestinal lesions occurrence. Therefore, these results suggest that Norponin® XO supplementation is as efficient as Monensin in managing coccidiosis.

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Natural solution for contributing to coccidial risk management

Norponin® XO

Norponin® XO is a natural solution based on plants rich in saponins that contributes to the management of coccidial risk in multiple species. 


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