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Norponin XO, a saponin solution to reinforce coccidial risk management

Norponin XO contributes to the coccidial risk management

  • Natural product based on saponin-containing plants

Product Highlights

  • Contributes to the coccidial risk management in several species
  • Can be included in whatever shuttle or rotation programs, replacing partly or completely synthetic anticoccidials
  • Particularly recommended during the withdrawal period (absence of residues in meat)
  • Positive return on investment (R.O.I)
  • Can be used in organic farming (no coccidiostat allowed)

Mode of action

  • Saponins integrate the protozoa cell membrane and make complexes with membrane sterol
  • Interactions between polar parts of saponins destabilize the membrane, which results in pores formation
  • Membrane failure causes the lysis of protozoa